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Hilly plots, for the most part fenced in by shrubs, bushes and trees.

Nr. A 1593 : house, holiday home and outbuildings, approx. 1.160 m2

Nrs : A 1590, A 1591 and A 1592: the workshop, plus a pasture plot located around the swimming-pool, approx. 4.300 m2. Near the workshop, there is a vegetable patch and a « tea garden » under the pear tree and the quince tree.

A 1601 : a pasture plot with some trees, adjacent to the big shed/stable, with a paddock for horses, approx. 1.2 ha.

A2197 : another pasture plot with some trees, 80 m from the house along a walking path, approx. 1.4 ha.

All plots are supplied with water via a hose pipe from the stone (hay) barn, where there is a rainwater storage well (citerne) of approx. 25,000 L.
All plots are in total about 7,8 acres

There are no user rights (servitude) to the cadastral plots.